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You’ve decided to get a Shiba. That’s great. Now that you’ve decided you’re ready to go out and get one. Not so fast! Unfortunately it’s actually really difficult to find a reputable Shiba breeder with available puppies. But you’re ready for a puppy now!

- What Not To Do

So you start to look online for more breeders. You find some sites that promise shiba puppies now for $900-$1200. The sites talk about how great their dogs are or how well they are treated. They talk about how they are raised in a family environment and are well socialized. The truth: Puppy Mills! Beware.

Here are a few examples of where not to get a shiba:

You’re going to want to try to take short cuts to get your puppy sooner.  Your puppy is going to be with you for a very long time.  In our search we learned there aren’t any shortcuts when it comes to Shibas. The Shibas that we met which came from shortcuts typically were mean, dominant, aggressive, and many didn’t even look like Shibas.


- What to Do

How do you find a reputable breeder?  It’s a tricky question.

A great place to start is the National Shiba Club of America

Pretty much all of the breeders are going to take care of their puppies.  They breed to advance the breed not to make money.   Another place to look for a good breeder is

Shiba Forum is a great community for all things Shiba.  You can talk to other people in your area to see which breeders in the area are legit and which are shady.

After a long search we decided on Rodel Shibas.  They were roughly in the area and they came highly recommended from multiple sources.

A lot of their pups were in the greater DC area.  We went to visit Sandy and Tom in PA and we were really impressed!  They had about 13 dogs at the time and they were all really well behaved and well tempered.  It made a strong impression.  We got to see that the dogs all were cared fo

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